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Orly Cosmic FX collection

Orly Cosmic FX collection #3
Prepričana sem, da ste to kolekcijo videle že neštetokrat, vendar vam jo bom vseeno predstavila, saj se mi zdi neverjetno dobra. :) Všeč mi je čisto vsaka steklenička.
I'm sure you've seen this collection a gazilion times but I'm going to post it anyway because I think it's absolutely awesome. :) I like each and every bottle.
Orly Cosmic FX collection #2
Orly Cosmic FX collection #4
Orly Cosmic FX collection #1
Kot ste že najbrž opazile, na slikah manjka en lakec. Orly - Space Cadet je imel majhno nesrečo... Zdrobil se je med prenašanjem paketa. Mislim, da naslednja slika pove vse:
As you may have noticed there's one nail polish missing. Orly - Space Cadet had a little accident... It broke during the transport of the pacage. I think this sad picture says it all:
Orly - Space Cadet R.I.P.
Še kar mi je žal za njim... :( Se je vam že kdaj zgodilo kaj podobnega?
I'm still so sad that this had happened... :( Has something like this ever happened to you?

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you nailed it! pravi ...

i love this collection so much. i'm wearing galaxy girl right now. i've had a broken bottle once before. it's sad to see and to smell.

Tiana pravi ...

you nailed it! => Me too, it's briliant :) I know, I almost started crying when I saw the broken bottle :D so sad... <3

AmyGrace pravi ...

You haz them! They look so nice together! The broken Space Cadet, no! so sad :( My goodness, what a mess... At first I thought it was some kinda abstract painting, LOL

Tiana pravi ...

AmyGrace => Yees! :D Hehe, I wish it was a painting instead of Space Cadet... :) lol

Halifax pravi ...

Happened to me once, the broken bottle was the one I wanted the most too :( Funny how it happens that way. Sorry about your broken bottle

Tiana pravi ...

Halifax => So sorry to hear that.. It's ok, I just hope I get a new Space Cadet soon. :)

carissakuo pravi ...

i want this collection so badlyyy!!! D: gahh so prettyyy!!

Chune pravi ...

I can't wait to get my hands on my Space Cadet bottle. This collections is the best of 2010.

Beauty Addict pravi ...

I so want to get my hands in this collection!
It's so sad one of them broke during transport... :/
Hope they'll send you a replacement!

Tiana pravi ...

carissakuo - Hope you get it soon! :D

Chune - I think so too! :*

Beauty Addict - Best luck at finding these :) I know, it really is sad :(

Jossu pravi ...

Is it ok that I used your nailpolish pic in my blog? I couldn't get good pic of that polish and u got really nice !

Tiana pravi ...

Jossu - Sure, it's ok ;) taaaanks <3

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