četrtek, 14. oktober 2010

Swap with Annie!

Živjo! Danes imam za vas en swap! Annie iz bloga Nailstah in jaz sva se zmenili, da izmenjava nakej stekleničk. Hočete videti slike? :D
Hello! Today I have a swap for you! Annie from Nailstah agreed to swap a few bottles. Wanna see pictures? :D
Swap with Annie #4
Pa začnimo z nekaj supernorofantastičnimi Chna Glaze laki. L-D: China Glaze - FYI, Blue Island Iced Tea, GR8, Black Diamond, Spin Me Round.
Let's start with some awesomesuperfantastic China Glaze polishes. L-R: China Glaze - FYI, Blue Island Iced Tea, GR8, Black Diamond, Spin Me Round. How pretty are they!
Swap with Annie #2
Swap with Annie #1
Annie mi je poslala tudi mojega prvega Sinful Colors laka! Yaay! Ime mu je Mint Apple. Zraven pa pridno stoji Essie - Sexy Divide.
Annie also sent me my first Sinful Colors polish! Yaaay! This one is called Mint Apple. Next to it there's Essie - Sexy Divide.
Swap with Annie #3
L-R: OPI - The "it" Color, A Good Man-darin is Hard To Find, Dim Sum Pum, Jade Is The New Black, Over The Taupe, Pearl Of Wisdom, DS Signature, DS Desire. OMG *faints, wakes up and faints again*!
Swap with Annie #5
Še enkrat bi se rada zahvalila Annie za ta čudovit swap! Vsi laki so mi zelo všeč. :D Najbrž boste videle nekaj swatchov zelo kmalu! ;)
I'd like to thank Annie again for this wonderful swap! I LOOOVE all of the polishes. :D I guess you'll see some swatches real soon! ;)

7 komentarji:

Paulina pravi ...

Lucky you!
Those are great.
Especially Mint Apple - looks delicious :D

Paulina pravi ...

What did you send her?

Ivana pravi ...

Ö Krasno!

Nuša♥ pravi ...

Zakon! :D

Tiana pravi ...

Paulina - I knoow! I'm so excited! :D What did I send her? Well, she received my pacage yesterday I think, so keep checking out her blog, she might post our swap soon. :)

Ivana in Nuša♥ - Se strinjam!! :D

fierce nails and beauty pravi ...

You lucky girl ♥
All the colours lookfantastic.
Can't wait to see your swatches :)

Tiana pravi ...

fierce nails and beauty - I knooo! :D :D Can't wait to try them on! :D

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