četrtek, 21. oktober 2010

Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous

Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous #1
Zdravo! Danes imam še enega izmed Claire's Mood lakov za vas! Za današnjo manikuro sem uporabila dva sloja Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous laka. Ta je temnejše rozaste barve, ki se spremeni v bolj kot ne neonsko oranžno barvo, ko je topel. V bistvu mi je ta še kar všeč. Kaj pa ve pravite?
Hello! Today I have another Claire's Mood polish for you! For today's mani I used two coats of Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous. This is a darker pink polish which changes into neonish orange colour when it's warm. I actually like this one a lot. What about you?
Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous #3
Kot vidite na slikah, se lak posuši v nekakšen saten finiš, ki pa se mi ne zdi moteč. Nanos je bil perfekten, posušil se je neverjetno hitro. Moram še kaj dodati? :)
As you can see from the pictures the polish dries into a kind of a satin finish which isn't bothering me at all. The application was perfect, it dried with the speed of light. Need I say more? :)
Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous #2
Claire's Mood - Funky/Fabulous #4

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Buddy pravi ...

OMG!!! It's gorgeous! It didn't want to change on me but I still like it! :D

fierce nails and beauty pravi ...

I love it. Its so cool how it changes colour.
Great post ♥

Tiana pravi ...

Buddy - Thankss! I guess your hands weren't warm at all :D

Fierce nails and beauty - Aaaw, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ;)

Enamel Girl pravi ...

it looks great on you but it was my least favorite of the collection, only because the formula was really goopy. i'll have to try it again because you make it look so good!!!

Tiana pravi ...

Enamel Girl - Thanks!!! Hope to see it on your nails soon! :D

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