torek, 13. julij 2010

Flit a Bit's date with mrs. Flower

Malo sem polepšala oranžnega OPI - Flit a Bit z Essence nail art svinčnikom in z nekaj rožicami od Viva La Nails. Tu je moja verzija francoske manikure:
I did a flowery upgrade of OPI - Flit a Bit with an Essence nail art pen and some nail art flowers by Viva La Nails. Here's my funny french manicure:Meni je všeč, ker je preprosta in ni kičasta. =D Je vam tudi všeč ali je kakšna stvar, ki bi jo spremenile?
I like it because it's simple and not tacky or anything. =D Do you like it? Is there something you would change?

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Ivo Serentha and Friends pravi ...

Compliments for your blog and pictures included, I invite you to see the photo blog,

Each week released a new album

Greetings from Italy


Tiana pravi ...

Ivo - Thank you very much! I appreciate it! I just visited your blog and I must say that your pictures are beautiful! You're amazing. ;)

Michelle pravi ...

It's so adorable and neat, I love it. Orange looks really good on you!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) pravi ...

Lepo! :)

Anna. pravi ...


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes pravi ...

Very cute! :)

ABOP pravi ...

Really cute. I like that you did just tips.

fierce nails and beauty pravi ...

Sweet ;)
Great job
♥ Bev

Enamel Girl pravi ...

very pretty. i like what you did with the orange stars!

Tiana pravi ...

Michelle - Ooow, thank you! ;)

Helena - Hvala!

Anna. - :D Najlepša ti hvala. Me veseli, da ti je všeč!

Lacquer Ware - Thanks! ;)

ABOP - Thank you! I like that too. :)

Fierce nails and beauty - Thaaaaaank you! <3

Enamel Girl - Thank you very much! :D

Kitty pravi ...

Love this, very happy, summery!

Tiana pravi ...

Kitty - I totally agree! <3

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